Owning An Event Horse


Franky offers a variety of ways to make your dream come true, whether your budget is big or small there is always a way for you to get involved.


Franky can either help you find the perfect horse to buy in order to start your journey as an owner or she can do it all for you.


Purchasing your event horse can either be a financial investment or the start of a wonderful journey to reach the top.


Horses currently available

  • 2012 Billy Bordeaux​ 45% shares

  • 2011 Dolley Phantom 40% shares

  • 2010 My Squire De Reve 5% shares

Some of the perks of being an Owner

  • visit your horse at Lower Dolley whenever you like (24 hours notice)

  • welcome to any and all events

  • hospitality at events

  • end of season party

  • regular updates

  • pre season supper to discuss your horses plan and programme

  • watch training sessions at home, or with the worlds best trainers in Charlotte Dujardin, Richard Waygood, and World Class training


Already An Owner?


Do you already own a horse that is either competing or you would like it to compete?


Please call or email Franky directly if you would like to discuss the possibility of her training and competing it for you.


Franky's experience, passion and talent will not only help to guide your horse to reach its maximum potential but will also be on hand to help and guide you as an owner if needed.


Become a part of FRW Eventing

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